What kind of company are you?

Encore Senior Move Specialists is a professional moving service that primarily caters to senior citizens and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of downsizing and relocation.

Why not use a traditional moving company?

Traditional movers are not familiar with the particular needs of seniors.  All of our move specialists have been trained to ensure your complete satisfaction and will be with you from start to finish.

Can you help with downsizing?

Absolutely!  Our move specialists can draw an individualized floor plan of your new home.  We can also advice you about what you will need and we will make arrangements to eliminate excess items. These floor plans will show which items will fit comfortably in your new home and also consider that you need adequate space for safe passage.

What happens to things that I don't have room for or don't want?

We can help with auctions and have relationships with consignment companies that can turn your unwanted items into cash.  We can also arrange to have it donated to your choice of charitable institutions or if you want to give it to family or friends, we can help with that too.

How much will this cost?

The needs of each client is different so we will be happy to discuss with you your needs and provide a proposal based on the services you desire.

Wouldn't I save if I just do everything myself?

Our clients usually find the cost and challenges associated with moving and downsizing themselves far exceeds the cost of hiring us.  Additionally, the amount our clients save in the physical and emotional tolls of moving are priceless.

How much time in advance should I schedule your company prior to relocation?

It is always better to plan ahead.  The process of downsizing a home is  a lenghty process even with the guidance of a move specialist.  The sooner we begin with the process, the more likely a smooth, problem free relocation will be accomplished.

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